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⚽  To produce a minimum of one age group every year ✅​

⚽  To Develop one female coach every year ✅​

⚽  To have a minimum of one female coach in every team​

⚽  To start a 😺 Wildcats Centre 🐾 for 5-11 year old girls ✅​

⚽  To start up a Ladies team within 5 years ✅​

⚽  To consistently promote and grow the female game  ✅​

⚽  Apply for our own FA Charter Standard


For all female football inquiries contact:

Steve Eason

(Ladies & Girls Football Development Officer)

Telephone: 07946124995


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VALKYRIES Ladies & Girls

Langtoft United Valkyries Girls Football Club have a long term plan for the Girls game to expand over time through various age groups to a future Adults ladies team through recruitment of players, male and female coaches. Our priority is the Long Term Development of all our players over winning. 'Develop the players and the results will come'. 

Langtoft United Valkyries Girls Football Club started in 2020 after a group of girls wanted to play football. As a club Langtoft United, we gave them a female identity known as the Valkyries which comes from the Club's nickname Vikings. Valkyries have their own colours and club badge to promote the female side of the club.

Our ambition is to Grow The Girls Game and make football accessible to all females regardless of age, ability, race. We want to offer quality coaching through the England DNA from the Foundation Phase through to the adult game. 

Langtoft United Valkyries Girls Football Club is committed to Growing The Girls game with the Girls sections known as The Valkyries. Our aim in the future is to hit 200 girls playing football in the future.

Valkyries are all-inclusive whether you have played football or not, ALL girls are welcome whatever age they are. If you want to start playing or if you want to get on the coaching pathway we are here to support you in a fun, no-pressure environment.

Coaching using the England DNA Resources Valkyries is dedicated to the football development of female participants as a priority first. We want all players to feel safe, valued, and be part of a club that they can call their own. We want all players to have fun with a football.

Female football is the UK is increasing in popularity each year and we want to be part of growing the game.

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Langtoft United Football Club aims to provide a safe environment for players of all abilities, to learn, develop and enjoy playing football as a community sport, with community values.

For players to enjoy and take part in football, we will ensure that they are encouraged to:

  • Take an active part in the sport.

  • Form relationships and work together.

  • Develop their skills and improve over time.

  • Be able to take part whatever their ability.

  • Develop personal skills in key areas: technical, psychological, physical, and social.

  • Appreciate and demonstrate a good sporting attitude.

  • Understand the laws of the game.

  • Be listened to and valued.

  • Be positive about themselves and others.

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For players to feel safe whilst learning and playing we will ensure that:

  • The Respect Code is understood and upheld by all who are involved in our club – parents, spectators, players, coaches, and officials.

  • Laws relating to child protection are maintained and the Club’s child protection policy is understood and followed.

  • All the teams are supported by coaches qualified to at least FA 1st 4 Sport Level 1 and with in-date First Aid training.

  • All coaches are CRB checked.

  • Equipment and facilities and the maintenance of both are of the highest standard.

  • No child will be excluded from participating in football on the grounds of gender, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

  • Club policy relating to bullying is understood and seen to be followed.

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For players to learn and develop we will ensure that: 

  • Coaches place player development above a culture of ‘winning at all costs’.

  • Coaches are well qualified and encouraged in continuing professional development.

  • Coaches are positive, friendly, and supportive to all players.

  • Coaches’ decisions are respected and understood by parents and players.

  • Players understand what stage they are at and how to progress.

  • Players, parents, and coaches are encouraged to get involved with the club via refereeing and coaching qualifications, running the line, joining the Committee or taking on key roles and responsibilities.

  • Exceptional players are given opportunities beyond the club.

  • Teams are given opportunities to play in tournaments and arrange team events.

  • The achievements and progress of all players are celebrated at the end of the season.

  • Every player matters to the team and to Langtoft United Valkyries Girls Football Club.

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For the Club to promote community sport with community values, we will ensure that:

  • Parents are valued, welcomed, and encouraged to play a key role in supporting and bringing our ethos to life. 

  • The Club communicates its ethos clearly and consistently in all it does and through each of its members.

  • The Respect Code is at the very heart of all we do at training and on matchday and in whatever capacity – player, spectator, coach, parent, official.

  • The Club’s interests and achievements are well publicised, recognised, and represented at all levels to celebrate and develop all we do.

  • The Club fosters and develops partnerships with key community groups such as schools, the local and city councils, and other sporting clubs to work together in the service of youth sport.

  • We welcome and respond to feedback and input from all those associated with the Club to make us fully accountable to our members.